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It all started with the winning of 2 first class Continental RTW tickets from the American Express Wishlist way back in 2007 equivalently delivered with 560K miles. 6 years later with the merger of United and Continental, topping off the account to 700K miles with credit card offers, and a planned Leave of Absence from work, this trip is actually taking place starting 4/3/2013 and ending 6/28/2013.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stockholm - Night 1

If there was a night here... really its about 4 hours of semi-darkness before the sun comes back up at 3AM (after it set at about 11PM). So far this place is very incredible. Its clean, beautiful, orderly, full of pleasant people, and has a culture that has embraced doing things right and technologically beneficial.  And I know we've said this now twice, but this takes the cake for expensive. First we had Australia, then Zurich, and now here.

Here are some shots from our 3AM walk back to the hotel after going out.

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