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It all started with the winning of 2 first class Continental RTW tickets from the American Express Wishlist way back in 2007 equivalently delivered with 560K miles. 6 years later with the merger of United and Continental, topping off the account to 700K miles with credit card offers, and a planned Leave of Absence from work, this trip is actually taking place starting 4/3/2013 and ending 6/28/2013.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amsterdam-nit the trip is just about over

Well folks, this is our second time in Amsterdam and it has not been disappointing. This is a lovely place and definitely a good choice as our last stop on this massive trip of ours. Amsterdam is beautiful and full of fun stuff to do. Shopping here is great as well, and since we finally don't have to worry about carrying a bunch of stuff with us, we did a lot of it and bought an extra duffle bag to take the stuff home in. We have had 4 nights here and met some really cool locals as well.

It is quite funny to think that tomorrow will be the 87th day of our travels and although we are looking forward to our United Global First Class flight home, neither of us are sick of travelling. This trip has truly been amazing and I really urge anyone thinking of taking extended time to travel to just do it. It will change your perspective on many things and you'll get a wonderful feel for what the world's different cultures are like. We chose to spend more nights in most places than I think others would do, and even if you get to a point of exhausting the tourist items, its very nice to just try and act like you are living there and have a normal day where you know where to go and how to get there and look forward to your favorite café, bakery, restaurant, bar or club!

Canal view from our room

So many good munchies

Our crazy hotel with its maze of hallways

Some classic views and buildings

Waffles here are really just the best anywhere (Metropolitan Bakery)


  1. Wow what really nice pictures of Amsterdam
    It looks super clean there. So glad you got to do this.trip. To me the time went really fast
    However your dad and I miss you and look forward to knowing you r back home. Love mom and dad